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tgtempfill is a temporary filling material suitable for all types of cavities. Indications tgtempfil is suitable for temporary occlusion loaded restorations, temporary post attachments and also for after endodontic treatment. Advantages ·It is easy to apply and remove ·It hermetically seals...
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PulpCalm Aldehyde Free PulpCalm, is powder and liquid formulation containing a blend of zinc oxide, calcium oxides, silicon oxides, aluminum oxides, cupper oxid es, cresols and eugenol. Used as subliner and/or temporary tooth filling paste. Indication: PulpCalm is an antiseptic,...
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Faster setting time in the mouth hardwearing yet easy to remove improved retention to the cavity no harmful effect on pulp harder setting and greater longevity
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Quickly hardens on contact with saliva hardwearing yet easy to remove , no harmful effect on pulp ,no eugenol can be dispensed to patients as an in between appointments precautionary remedy and as an emergency dental aid will not set in jar
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A ready to use temporary filling material with a synthetic resin base. Good adhesion to dentine and excellent marginal adaptation. • Two stage setting – rapid initial set allows for easy placement • Adequate strength yet easily removed • Impermeable to medicaments • Easy to use consistency

30gm Jar – White

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DMR Eug reinforced zinc Oxide Eugenol cemnt Powder/ Liquid DMR Eug, is powder and liquid temporary tooth filling material. The powder contains aluminum oxide with polymers to increase its mechanical properties.
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Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement powder. DME powder temporary tooth filling material . made from high quality material
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DMTEMP, EUGENOL FREE TEMPORARY FILLING PASTE. DMTEMP,is ready made temporary tooth filling materials that set in the presence of saliva. It is designed for easily adapt and seal cavity walls without undue pressure on the pulp. It is best suited when pressure on pulp should be avoided as in...
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Temporary Filling Material
X-Tempand B&ETemp are light-cured temporary filling materials. They have characteristics of easy removal from cavities, high elasticity, and great strength. Until a long-term restroative material can be used to fill cavity, it has the role for maintaining the shape of a tooth.
Characteristics of B&E Temp
v Every Characteristics of X-Temp belongs B&ETemp v Squeeze Type v Not Use Instrument v1 No Flowable
Appplicable Range
v* Available for filling Implant-screw v' Application of single temporary crown
v X-Temp 3g syringe x 3ea v B&E Temp 1.2mL syringes x 4ea, disposable tips
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