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48.00 EGP 48.0 EGP
2,200.00 EGP 2200.0 EGP
3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative Material is available in a convenient Aplicap™ or Maxicap™ delivery for core build-ups, small posterior and primary tooth restorations.

Good thermal and electrical insulating properties
Silver particles are sintered into the glass
Ketac™ Silver contains no amalgam
2,560.00 EGP 2560.0 EGP
3M™ ESPE™ Ketac Fil Plus Glass Ionomer Filling Material is available in a handmix version or in the convenient Aplicap™ System, which offers simple handling, constant working properties and reliable quality.

8 shades to achieve natural aesthetics
Expansion coefficient similar to tooth structure
High fluoride release
Reduces risk of secondary caries due to fluoride release

1,725.00 EGP 1725.0 EGP

Excellent mechanical properties for posterior teeth
Bulk-fill convenience
Fast setting posterior restoration
Fluoride release.
835.00 EGP 835.0 EGP
Indicated for Class I or II cavities, lining and core build up • Packable consistency • Radio paque Available in Code

Powder/Liquid 15gm / 7ml

AH0200 Plus mixing pad and scoop

400.00 EGP 400.0 EGP
Innovative Microglass Ionomer Restorative Condensable Powder and Liquid Formula Powder & Liquid High Strength Microglass Ionomer Restorative For Posterior Teeth, Brisk Snap Set. Ideal for immediate restoration of traumatised teeth. Perfect aesthetics.
220.00 EGP 220.0 EGP
This glass ionomer is condensable and ideal for anterior teeth. High stability with excellent translucency and fluoride release. Fast setting, Ceram II is perfect for Class III, V and erosion cavities.
210.00 EGP 210.0 EGP
Conventional glass ionomer restorative cement.

450.00 EGP 450.0 EGP
Esthetic conventional Glass Ionomer Cement for restorations, self cure.

1,550.00 EGP 1550.0 EGP
STARTER SET The box holds the following products: Polyester crown forms - 1 pc for each side from any size for all the teeth groups. Elastic interdental wedges - 10 pcs from each size (L, M, S, XS). Light-conductive interdental wedges - 10 pcs from each size (L, M, S, XS)....
410.00 EGP 410.0 EGP
Packable glass ionomer cement for anterior and posterior restorations as well as for core build-ups Medifil IX is an immediately packable glass ionomer cement indicated for posterior restorations, fillings of deciduous teeth, core build-ups and suitable for the A.R.T.-technique....
1,280.00 EGP 1280.0 EGP
Glass ionomer cement for fillings of classes I, III and V Medifil is a glass ionomer filling cement suitable for restorations of clas The material is available in 3 translucent VITA-shades. Thus Medifil allows perfectly aesthetical restorations with a tooth-like...
550.00 EGP 550.0 EGP
Applicator in the form of a gun for the application of capsules in dentistry
This clamp-type applicator is used by the dentist to directly apply the contents of the capsules into the dental cavity
1,250.00 EGP 1250.0 EGP
Riva Light Cure Light Cured Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

Package : 50 Capsules
1,750.00 EGP 1750.0 EGP
Compatible with pulp and tissue. High wear resistance. High adhesion values. Low particle size. Radiopacity High and long-term fluoride release. Extended working time, good mixing properties. Low film thickness. Universal, A1, A2, A3, colours...
225.00 EGP 225.0 EGP
KROMOGLASS 2 is a water based glass ionomer cement (mixable with water), formulated for deciduous teeth class 1 fillings, repairing cuneiform defects, erosions of enamel and roots at the neck of the tooth, class 3 permanent fillings, class 5 fillings, fissures filling, support filling for crown and bridges.
410.00 EGP 410.0 EGP
Glass ionomer luting cement with fabulous fluoride release

Riva Luting is a conventional, self curing, glass ionomer luting cement designed for final cementation of metal based restorations. It chemically bonds to metal substrates and the tooth.
44.00 EGP 44.0 EGP
15g liquid

15g powder

Expiration date : June 2018

260.00 EGP 260.0 EGP
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