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A selected blend of abrasives to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without excessive abrasion to enamel. • Thixotropic for reduced splatter • Natural flavouring for patient acceptance • Fluoride free

50gm Regular Coarse Orange AH1425

50gm Regular Medium Mint AH1426

60.00 EGP 60.0 EGP
The first concave-shaped polishing brush. Efficient in practice: The concave shape of the brush is efficient on all tooth surfaces, as well as on less accessible surfaces like interproximal spaces and occlusal fissures. Universal use: Always produces excellent polishing results for...
135.00 EGP 135.0 EGP

• Splatter Free

• Contains Xylitol

• Gluten Free
75.00 EGP 75.0 EGP
High-gloss results in only 2 steps with a system based on the Identoflex technology, meeting the highest standards. Optimum flexibility of the polishing matrix for excellent adaptation to the restoration. Pre- and gloss polishing in one single step by efficient Gloss Polisher with integrated...
1,150.00 EGP 1150.0 EGP
High-grade white microcrystalline diamond particles
Unsurpassed esthetic polish
Ideal for porcelain or composite restorations
For use with Jiffy® brushes
Mint flavored
230.00 EGP 230.0 EGP
Thin flexible backing with aluminium oxide coating
Centre-gapped strip with two abrasive grades per strip which allows interproximal access
Three different types
445.00 EGP 445.0 EGP
120 Sof-Lex Pop-on Polishing Discs; Superfine, Fine, Medium, Coarse 30 Pcs Each; Ø 9.5 mm, 120 Sof-Lex Pop-on Polishing Discs; Superfine, Fine, Medium, Coarse 30 Pcs Each; Ø 12.7 mm, 1 RA Mandrel

1,975.00 EGP 1975.0 EGP
Indications For use on: Composites Compomers Glass ionomers Advantages Excellent quality of polishing and shine in just one step Can be sterilized in an autoclave with no alteration Compatible with all decontamination product Can be used 3 to 4 times Polishers made of...
275.00 EGP 275.0 EGP
Enhanced polishing results for composite restorations; smooth surface and high gloss in just one step. Contents: 6 x composite Opti1Step Polisher: 2 x flames; 2 x cups, 2 x discs

575.00 EGP 575.0 EGP

Qartz is a prophylaxis paste with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents.
50.00 EGP 50.0 EGP
The high performing disc is now even easier to choose!

• Translucent disc. Enhanced working surface visibility.
• Flexible. Thin disc allows for greater disc flexibility.
• Long-lasting. Made of durable polyester impregnated with aluminium oxide particles.
• Precise. Flush-mounted mandrel and patented retention system ensure precise operation, protecting neighboring teeth from scarring and tissue damage.
• Ready to use abrasive layer. Uncoated cutting edges for high efficiency from the start.

Patented mandrel design
• Special coated mandrel is placed below the surface of the disc, for protection against scarring of the restoration and better handling.
• Optimal torque transmission to disc, no sliding and not rpm sensitive.
Shorter mandrel, Facilitates access to posterior and other restricted areas.

OptiDisc® Assorted Kit 12.6mm (120pcs)
ø 12.6mm: 30 x extra-coarse; 30 x coarse; 30 x fine; 30 x extra-fine; 1 x standard mandrels; 1 x short mandrels; 1 x OptiShine
715.00 EGP 715.0 EGP
2.50 EGP 2.5 EGP
Qartz is a prophylaxis paste with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents. This blend maximizes stain removal while minimizing enamel loss. It helps maintain an effective fluoride level, strengthening tooth enamel and preventing dental caries. Our unique heavy viscosity makes our paste “splatter free”. It rinses easily and consistently.
55.00 EGP 55.0 EGP
EZ-Shine Amalgam Polishing Paste imparts a mirror like appearance to amalgams restorations without anatomical reduction.
42.00 EGP 42.0 EGP
EZ-Shine Polishing paste for Porcelain and ceramic restorations.

The agglomerated primary crystal particles create a smooth, luminous finish to restoration surfaces
48.00 EGP 48.0 EGP
Composite Polishing Kit RA 0309 Dental for Low-speed Handpiece Contra Angle
100.00 EGP 100.0 EGP
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