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Core build-ups and
post cementation.
cuts like dentine
Extremely high compressive strength
excellent flow properties
reliable curing
One material for building up and cementing
730.00 EGP 730.0 EGP
Bis-Core is a versatile core build-up ideal for aesthetic or metal restorations.

595.00 EGP 595.0 EGP
Dual cure core build-up and post cementation composite.

800.00 EGP 800.0 EGP
Corono-radicular restorations Post cementation Advantages Dual (self- and light-curing) Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light. Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess material Nanoparticle technology Enhanced...
460.00 EGP 460.0 EGP
Core Build-up Resin
ChemiCore is a dual-cure type abutment build-up material, which can be used in all types of abutment build-up due to convenient manipulation and excellent compressive strength.
Characteristics of ChemiCore
v Due to similar strength to tooth strength (dentin), it is good to be prepared.
v Due to various colors (A3, Blue), it has abundant choice,
v When installing mixing tip, it works softly,
v Due to eco-tip, using amount of ChemiCore is decreased.
v Radiopaque
Appplicable Range
v All Types of Core Build-ups
v Permanent Restoration of Tooth Damage for Therapeutic Purpose
V ChemiCore 5mL syringe x 2ea, Eco tip, Mixing tip
Operation Time / Hardness
Product Compressive Strength Polymerization Depth
ChemiCore 310MPa 5.1mm

580.00 EGP 580.0 EGP
480.00 EGP 480.0 EGP
580.00 EGP 580.0 EGP
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