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D.M. Liner calcium hydroxide powder D.M powder is fine grade calcium hydroxide powder . This form is preferred by some clinicians who used it alone or after mixing with water saline or other medications .
37.00 EGP 37.0 EGP
A light cured cavity liner in a light paste consistency to facilitate application. This bio-compatible resin, filled with hydroxy-apetite, barium sulfate and fluoride, protects the pulp and dentin from acid-containing cements and restoratives.
125.00 EGP 125.0 EGP
50gm powder – 25ml Liquid

40.00 EGP 40.0 EGP
Contents: tube of 13g base paste, tube of 11g catalyst paste, Applicator, Mixing pad, red spout nozzle for base, blue Spout nozzle for catalyst.

100.00 EGP 100.0 EGP
Unique compensation for composite polymerization shrinkage stress
Fluoride release
Antibacterial properties
No complicated handmixing
Protects the pulp
Seals the dentine tubules
Prevents postoperative sensitivities
60.00 EGP 60.0 EGP
Dycal ® Calcium Hydroxide Liner is a two-component, rigid-setting, self-curing material designed for use in direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner under dental adhesives, varnishes, filling materials, cements, and other base materials. It will not inhibit the...
295.00 EGP 295.0 EGP
Light cure resin-modified glass ionomer liner.
480.00 EGP 480.0 EGP
Self-curing calcium hydroxide Urbical is a self-curing calcium hydroxide paste / paste system with a flowable consistency The material is indicated for indirect pulp capping and as a cavity liner under all filling materials The product is easy to apply and allows a...
245.00 EGP 245.0 EGP
Ultra-Blend plus is a light-activated, radiopaque material with calcium hydroxide in a urethane dimethacrylate base. Compared to other liners, Ultra-Blend plus is highly filled for minimal shrinkage and superior calcium release. It has been proven the best light-cured material for pulp capping
225.00 EGP 225.0 EGP
Calcium hydroxide GEL

DM CAL, IS One component Radio opaque,water based Calcium hydroxide GEL for direct and indirect plup capping and as a temporary root canal filling. It is formulated to provide high ant microbial effect in alkaline pH
80.00 EGP 80.0 EGP
Base & Liner
B&E !N0 is a light-cured base & liner that contains Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Urethane methacrylate oligomer. It makes to reduce the pulp irritation and to have low polymerization shrinkage.
B&E INO stimulates secondary dentin formation by releasing Calcium ion. Hydroxy ion and phosphate ion.
B&E I NO has cariostatic properties and excellent adhesion strength on teeth.
Characteristics of B&E INO •s Low Polymerization Shrinkage v- Radiopaque
Appplicable Range
v Director Indirect Pulp Capping
'/B&E INO 1,2mL (2g) syringe x 2ea, tip
160.00 EGP 160.0 EGP
340.00 EGP 340.00 EGP 340.0 EGP
215.00 EGP 215.0 EGP
130.00 EGP 130.0 EGP
1,350.00 EGP 1350.0 EGP
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