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1,100.00 EGP 1100.0 EGP
1,250.00 EGP 1250.0 EGP
tgfinegass is a state of the art fine glass hybrid light cure composite.
Restorations of all cavity classes and fabrication of direct inlays and onlays
* Excellent sculpting and polishing properties.
* Optimal mechanical properties, non sticky and non slumpy.
* Low polymerisation shrinkage and high stability.
* Extraordinary aesthetics.
* 17 translucent, 6 opaque and 2 bleach shades.
.* Reliable adhesion and highest bond strength in combination with tgsolobond LC Single Step Denting Enamel Bonding
* Near to perfect marginal quality using the CbC technique (Compomer bonded Composite}
425.00 EGP 425.0 EGP
50 Aplicap Capsules

1,945.00 EGP 1945.0 EGP
Specification: 30g powder + 25g liquid + 1 powder measure + 1 mixing pad

450.00 EGP 450.0 EGP
The Ketac-Cem Radiopaque Triple Pack offers fluoride release, optimal fit and marginal integrity.

2,835.00 EGP 2835.0 EGP
100.00 EGP 100.00 EGP 100.0 EGP
Comfortable and easy delivery
Simple and time-saving one-step solution
High-performing self-adhesive resin cement
2,000.00 EGP 2000.0 EGP
High compressive strength.
Minimal abrasion.
Excellent handling characteristics: plastic contouring and condensing properties similar to amalgam.
Aplicap capsule provides consistent quality, simplified handling and a nozzle for direct application of the material.

2,615.00 EGP 2615.0 EGP
Indicated for Class V and single surface Class I and II cavities in adults • Ideal for cervical lesions, ”sandwich” restorations, ART, MI and where cariostatic activity is required • HEMA free with high flexural strength • Easily mixed with smooth texture, and radiopaque

Powder/Liquid 15gm/6ml plus mixing pad and scoop

500.00 EGP 500.0 EGP
Conventional glass ionomer cement for luting of crowns and bridges.

450.00 EGP 450.0 EGP
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