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Tooth friendly filling by infiltration – no drilling needed
Gentle therapy approach for difficult-toreach proximal lesions in just a few steps
No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
Prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth
1,800.00 EGP 1800.0 EGP
PermaSeal composite sealer is a light-cured, methacrylate-based, unfilled resin. Its low viscosity allows excellent penetration, and the ultrathin layer minimizes the need for occlusal adjustment.

240.00 EGP 240.0 EGP
Alpha-Seal® is a fluoride releasing, light cure, resin-based Pit & Fissure Sealant. This sealant contains 50% radiopaque nano-sized fillers. The hard setting, wear resistant material has an ideal flowable viscosity for maximum coverage and protection to seal the pits and fissures of teeth susceptible to caries. The fluoride assists in caries prevention and the inhibition of enamel demineralization. The syringe needle tips allow for quick and accurate placement of the material. Alpha-Seal® is available in an Opaque shade to allow for easy identification during patient examinations and in a Clear shade for patients who wish to have an "invisible" sealant.
145.00 EGP 145.0 EGP
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